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Journey to Chicago

Research Posters accepted to Association of Psychological Science (APS) Conference, held at the state of Chicago:

“Psychological Uncertainty and Attitudes Towards Controversial Technologies and Conspiracy Theories: The Roles of Trait Mindfulness and Need for Structure.”

When uncertain, what personality features determine one’s attitudes towards controversial gene technologies and conspiracy theories? Non-judgmentally accepting the present moment predicts agreement with the use of generically modified plants and animals. Personal need for structure predicts willingness to purchase such food and products. Finally, low present-moment awareness predicts endorsement of conspiracy theories.

“Benefiting from the Misfortune of Others: The Roles of Gender and Desires for Monetary Gain in Prosocial Behavior.”


When it is financially disadvantageous to bet for a stranger, a smaller proportion of individuals will do so when participating in a dictator game. Expectedly, when the desire to make money for oneself is high, individuals will bet significantly lower amounts of money for their game partner than when this desire is minimal. An examination of gender differences suggest that when considering selfish desires for money, females bet significantly greater amounts of money for a player than males even when self-motivated goals for money for oneself are high.




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